REFUNDS: Refunds will be processed to all ticketholders in the next 30 business days. Please review the following:


If you purchased any Add-Ons or VIP Tickets within the past 120 days - A credit will be issued to you from Square on the credit card you used to make the purchase.


VIP Tickets/Add-Ons that were purchased prior to the past 120 days: An email will be sent to the address that was used to purchase your original tickets. Please review the Order Number(s) and items purchased confirming the refund to be processed is accurate. Once confirmation is received - your refund will be processed per instructions held within the email.


Please allow our staff time to work through your prior orders. If you do not receive an email to confirm your refund by April 18th - email with your order number details and our staff will be able to assist.


Ticket Transfers - If you purchased a ticket from an fellow attendee, please email with the details of how much the ticket was transferred to you, a copy of the email or amount discussed and we will be able to process your refund accordingly.


*Guest Announcement!*

STL RebelCon is pleased to announce that Mr. Simon Merrells - Marcus Crassus himself will be in attendance for our event on both Saturday and Sunday (August 6-7, 2022). We are so pleased to have Mr. Merrells presence at the event and are looking very much forward to a panel with both Simon and Liam reminiscing on their beloved characters! All Add Ons for Mr. Merrells have been published in the store as well as a Duo Photo Op - War of the Damned featuring Simon and Liam together.


*Event Postponement Announcement*

Due to travel restrictions that are currently in place for our out-of-country attendees and also for some of our talent along with our chosen venue unable to open for an inside event in March - we are working to reschedule the STL RebelCon dates to later 2021.

This is a postponement and not a cancellation. Due to the Pandemic, it has been a difficult decision, and one which we hope you will understand. Our Director's first priority is the health and safety of everyone involved.

We have received some emails and want to ensure the following to our attendees:

*All Admission Tickets and Add-Ons will be honored once the date is finalized. All VIP Packets have been stored, the Attendee List has been kept electronically by our Director.

*As the Vaccines are rolled out to the world, we will be able to have a safer interaction and environment.

*Our Venue has provided alternate dates within 2021 - please allow us time to work with our current roster of actors as well as the potentials that we would like to add on a date that works best for their schedules.

I know this is disheartening news of another postponement, but we are doing our part in keeping everyone safe and well. We will be able to say that we beat the Pandemic to stand upon the Sands once more!

Thank you for your understanding and support, it means the world to our Staff!

~STL RebelCon



04/10/2020 Even though STL RebelCon had to be postponed until March 27-28, 2021 – our staff have been working to ensure that we bring you the best weekend possible after the world is done with the quarantine. From our Director and Staff – we hope that this message finds you all well and safely snuggled into your homes. Right now, most of all – we are all unified even if we are distances apart – this Rebel Army will persevere!!

We have an exciting addition to our weekend event that our Director wanted to share with you. STL RebelCon is pleased to announce that an episode of Romy and Dan’s High School Reunion Podcast will be recorded at our event on Saturday evening! This unique opportunity will allow our attendees to participate in a recording of the podcast that will live on forever through ITunes, Spotify, Pandora – anywhere that you listen to your podcasting needs. As this special item will only be on Saturday Evening, we know some people may shy away from something that is recorded – please note that we will be having an All Cast Panel on Sunday as well – allowing twice the FUN!

As Fans of the series Spartacus, we are also supporters of our beloved cast and all of their projects. That is why STL RebelCon has created an Activity Block to allow our attendees to be able to go in depth with each actor on their passions – Liam loves gaming and creating them! Barry’s passion for writing and the epic graphic novels he has created! Dan’s support of (a wonderful cause for Mental Health) and his passion for creating a Raw and Heartfelt Podcast with fellow actress Romy Park – we want you as an attendee to experience it all! As we work to update our programming for the weekend – we will keep you up to date through all of our social media outlets. Until we meet in March – stay safe, stay home, and know we are all in this together. :)

03/30/2020 Due to the spread of COVID-19 - the Director for STL RebelCon chose to postpone from our original weekend to a later date within the year. We have confirmed with the venue that our new Event Dates are March 27-28, 2021. All admission tickets along with the celebrity add ons will be honored for our new weekend. Please ensure to keep updated on any new guests or additional aspects of the event by visiting our website along with all of our social media avenues - FaceBook, InstaGram and Twitter.


02/26/2020 Our Weekend Programming Schedule is now up! The STL RebelCon Staff catered the schedule to ensure that each attendee will be able to experience what is offered through our Fan Based Event! Check it out on our Programming Tab. We have also updated our Store with the Duo/Trio/Cast Photo Ops. Ensure to check out our schedule so that you can choose the Photo Op that meets your needs.


02/21/2020 *GUEST ANNOUCNEMENT* We are pleased to announce that Spartacus himself - Mr. Liam McIntyre will be coming to STL RebelCon! The Team is honored to welcome the Bringer of Rain to this special event. Celebrity Add Ons have been updated in our store so go check them out!

*We Will Also be updating the Store with Duo/Trio/All Cast Professional Photo Ops within the coming week*

01/08/2020 Our Volunteer Form is now live on our website! We will be looking for volunteers to help with many areas of the convention so submit your questionnaire today in order to be considered! Our Volunteer vetting will run the month of January into mid-February.

10/24/2019 30% Off is now LIVE for our Roman Passes as well as the General Admission Tickets. Type in the code: REBEL once you click on the GA Option through our Event Tickets section to have the discount populate before your purchase. the discount is already notated on the Roman Passes when you view the shop.  Help us meet our goal of 150 Tickets SOLD by the end of November so we are able to present the best event possible! *Sale Ends 12/31/2019*

3/26/2019 Welcome our first honored guests - Dan Feuerriegel and Barry Duffield! These Gladiators from East of the Rhine will grace STL RebelCon 2020 and our staff is very VERY excited!

Tickets will officially go on sale 3/29 (Friday) through our website for admission as well as Celebrity Add Ons to be purchased. 

03/15/2019 "Beware of the Ides of March" Sounds slightly ominous don't you think? Caesar makes light of the warning, eventually paying the ultimate price. 15th of March 44 BC - Rome was shocked to it's core with Caesar's brutal murder.

We honor the memories of the Rebels who fought for their lives against Rome itself March 21st and 22nd, 2020 with the first official Midwest Gathering for our beloved Spartacus - STL RebelCon is CONFIRMED!

11/28/2018 It's The Most Wonderful Time of the Year! Happy Holidays to one and all! This little elf has been working on a legal list of items to ensure that STL RebelCon is represented for our potential Celebrity Guests. We have a list and it has been checked thrice - now the Press Packet is receiving the last few tweaks so it can be proudly presented to our wish list of Actors. 

Creating and Funding a fan based convention is very challenging, anyone who has worked a Convention Circuit would understand but for attendees they just want to know the weekend that the convention is falling upon so they can be prepared with travel and requests for days off work. :) I am grateful for your patience and understanding that it does take steps and time to make this right. Over the next few weeks you will be seeing updates to the website - so stay tuned!

06/25/2018 Venues and Options Oh My!  STL RebelCon would like to make the experience both memorable and cost efficient for our attendees. The original proposed site - The Curio in Union Station is currently going through construction upgrades outside of the Hotel itself. With the ongoing construction to the area as well as a $28.00 a day parking fee - the staff of STL RebelCon is fielding new location opportunities to ensure a variety of food options, entertainment for our patrons and of course - indoors with a hotel attached to the venue.  Check back often for updates!

04/30/2018 It has been a crazy few months! Updates have been rare but the staff would like to ensure an event that will go above and beyond what you expect out of a small fan based convention. With the holidays done and gone, STL RebelCon Staff are working the logistics of the convention in order to bring you more updates.